Exploring Cedar Siding: The Pros and Cons

For homeowners seeking a blend of natural beauty and durability for their home’s exterior, cedar siding often emerges as a popular choice. Today we delve into the advantages and disadvantages associated with this type of siding. Our aim is to assist you in making an informed decision about whether cedar siding is the right fit for your home.

Cedar Siding

Cedar siding is a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and impressive durability. It’s a type of wood siding that is frequently chosen by homeowners who appreciate the inherent beauty of wood and are not overly concerned with the expense and upkeep. The natural shades of cedar range from yellow and white to brown and red, offering a diverse palette to choose from. Furthermore, when properly sealed and maintained, cedar siding can last over a century.

The Cost of Cedar Siding

The cost of cedar siding significantly varies, typically ranging between $10 and $20 per square foot. However, this cost can drastically increase depending on factors such as the age and construction of the home, previous renovations, and any unnoticed damage. Moreover, the cost of professional installation can add $3 to $5 per square foot. Therefore, obtaining a precise quote is essential.

Advantages of Cedar Siding

  1. Natural Beauty: Cedar is often lauded for its innate beauty. The warm hues and subtle scent of cedar lend a unique aesthetic that is hard to replicate with synthetic materials.
  2. Variety of Styles: Cedar siding comes in various styles, including shingles, shakes, boards, and more. It can adapt to any home design, offering a level of customizability that is highly appealing.
  3. Good Insulator: Cedar provides better insulation than most other siding options. It reduces external noise and can contribute to lower utility bills.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: Cedar is a renewable resource. It grows rapidly, requires little energy to produce, and is biodegradable.
  5. Insect Resistant: Cedar contains a substance known as tannin, which is repellant to rodents and insects. This makes cedar siding a great choice for maintaining the structural integrity of your home.

Disadvantages of Cedar Siding

  1. High Maintenance: Cedar siding requires frequent maintenance, including power washing and re-staining, to prevent rot, mold, and mildew.
  2. Fire Risk: Cedar is not naturally fire-resistant, so it often requires flame-retardant treatments.
  3. Potentially Damaging Reaction with Iron: Cedar can react with iron nails, causing the planks to rot and fall off. It’s recommended to use aluminum or stainless steel nails when installing cedar siding.
  4. Expense: When compared to other siding options, cedar tends to be more expensive. However, the unique aesthetic appeal and durability often justify the higher cost for many homeowners.

Comparison with Other Siding Materials

Cedar siding is often compared with other siding materials, such as vinyl, fiber cement, and aluminum. While these materials may be more affordable and require less maintenance, they lack the natural beauty of cedar. For example, vinyl siding is color-fast and requires little maintenance but lacks the aesthetic appeal of cedar. On the other hand, fiber-cement siding closely resembles wood and is fire-resistant. However, it can’t match the beauty of naturally weathered cedar.

Understanding Different Grades of Cedar

Cedar siding is available in various grades, which are defined by factors such as the number of knots in the wood and the milling done on the face and edges. The top grades, known as “Clear Heart Cedar” and “A Clear Cedar”, are free of knots and show few growth indicators. Lower grades, like “Rustic Cedar” or “Quality Knotty Cedar”, are more affordable but may contain streaks, voids, and open knots.

Styles of Cedar Siding

Cedar siding comes in an array of styles, including bevel siding, tongue-and-groove, shingles, and shakes. The style you choose can significantly impact the overall look of your home. For example, a staggered pattern featuring irregular widths and a non-uniform bottom edge can lend a rustic charm to your home’s exterior.

Finishing Options for Cedar Siding

Cedar siding can be left unfinished, allowing it to develop a silvery-gray patina over time. However, finishes like stains or paints can enhance the wood’s natural beauty and protect it from the elements. Pre-stained or pre-primed shake is an excellent option as it saves you on labor costs for post-installation finishing.

Maintaining Cedar Siding

Routine maintenance is crucial for preserving the beauty and durability of cedar siding. This includes power washing every two to four years and re-staining or painting as needed, usually every three to five years. Regular maintenance can help prevent problems such as rot, mold, and mildew, ensuring that your cedar siding lasts for many years.

Eco-Friendly Aspects of Cedar Siding

Cedar siding is an eco-friendly choice for homeowners seeking to minimize their environmental impact. As a renewable resource that is biodegradable and requires little energy to produce, cedar siding ticks all the boxes for green home construction.

Installation Considerations

Professional installation is crucial for cedar siding. The process is labor-intensive and requires a high level of skill and expertise. It’s essential to choose a seasoned contractor who can ensure proper ventilation and sealing to prevent decay and prolong the life of your siding.

The Verdict: Is Cedar Siding Right For You?

Cedar siding offers unmatched natural beauty and a moderate level of insulation. However, it comes with the drawbacks of high initial cost, frequent maintenance needs, and potential vulnerability to damage. If you’re willing to invest the time and money in its upkeep, cedar siding can be an excellent choice for your home. If you’re looking for a more hands-off, budget-friendly option, materials like fiber cement or vinyl might be more suitable.

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