How to Fix Your Seat Belt Retractor at Home

Getting a seat belt retractor repair can be done at home by following a few steps, but let’s take it back and start from the beginning and ourselves what is a seat belt retractor and how does it work. A seat belt retractor is the male part of the seat belt where the actual belt feeds from and is responsible for locking when the vehicle makes a sudden stop. The retractor is equipped with a spring, some gears, a pyrotechnic explosive device, a sensor and a mechanism that is engineered to also lock up during a crash or a car accident. A seat belt retractor is your safety device when you’re driving a car. Not only does it have a locking feature that you experience when your car jerks or comes to a sudden stop, but a seat belt retractor is also connected to the airbag system and has a gas charge that goes off during an accident.

Now that we know what it is and how it works, there can be two main reasons why a seat belt retractor may not be working properly. The first reason is there could be dirt and grime on the seat belt webbing causing the belt to retract slower than normal and reason number two the retractor is locked. You can retract your seat belt until there is no more slack spray on a fabric or carpet cleaner, and clean the dirt and grime off of the webbing. If your seat belt is locked then pull the full webbing out of the seat belt and then give it a tug to undo the locked belt. If that does not work, take out the retractor out of the vehicle completely and use a screwdriver to manually spin the spool. This will cause the seat belt to slowly retract back into the mechanism.

However, if both of these don’t work for you, taking it to the professionals is your best bet. Safety Restore is a company that can help. Because these are your main safety components, this is done by experienced and highly trained engineers using industry-standard tools and 100% OEM parts. The repair process will restore the seat belt retractor back to the factory condition making it work like new.

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