New Home Construction Checklist

Embarking on a new home construction project is an exciting endeavor filled with limitless possibilities. As thrilling as it can be, it’s equally critical to approach it meticulously to ensure a smooth process. That’s where this comprehensive new home construction checklist can be your trusty guide. In this article, we’ll break down the multiple stages of building a house and provide a checklist for each phase to help streamline your project, reduce stress, and ensure you’re prepared.

1. Secure Financing

Building a new home is a significant financial undertaking. The first step in our new home construction checklist is securing financing. The average cost to build a house ranges from low to mid six figures, and most homeowners will need to secure outside financing to kickstart their home construction project.

Checklist Before Closing a Loan:

– Have a credit score that’s usually at least 680

– Provide income verification documents

– Create a specifications sheet for the project

– Review loan documents

– Submit loan documents

2. Purchase Land

The next stage in our checklist involves purchasing land for your new home. This phase requires careful consideration as the location and characteristics of the land will significantly influence your home building project.

Checklist for Purchasing Land:

– Perform a land survey to find its boundaries

– Conduct a title search to confirm the legal owner

– Get title insurance as a financial safeguard

– Hire a soil engineer to perform a septic system soil test

– Check zoning — can the land be used for residential? Is it a historic site?

– Determine if an HOA governs the land

– See if the land is located in a flood zone

– Check school districts

– Confirm that utilities can service the land

3. Design the Build

Once the land is secured, the next step in our new home construction checklist is designing the build. The design phase is where you can let your creativity shine and create a home that aligns with your vision and lifestyle.

Checklist for Designing the Build:

– Hire an architect or purchase pre-drawn floor plans

– See if there are zoning/neighborhood code limits on home sizes

– Make sure your design has enough space for future plans (like children)

4. Plan a Timeline

A construction project is a complex process that involves coordinating various teams and tasks. Planning a timeline is crucial to ensure everything runs smoothly and to avoid unnecessary delays.

Checklist for Your Home Build Timeline:

– If working with restrictions, are time limitations written into the building contract?

– Is there a backup plan in case you need to extend the timeline?

5. Hire a Building Team

Assembling a skilled building team is another critical step in our new home construction checklist. A well-rounded team typically includes a general contractor, electrician, plumber, HVAC specialist, architects or designers, and inspectors.

Checklist for Hiring Your Build Team:

– Check worker references

– Check that all workers are licensed and bonded to avoid liability

– Ask if the workers guarantee their work. If so, for how long?

– Get written estimates

6. Buy Materials

Once you have a team in place, the next step is to procure the necessary construction materials. The general contractor usually handles this task, but homeowners can also choose to purchase the materials themselves.

Checklist for Buying Materials:

– Choose three reputable building supply firms

– Submit materials estimates to each

– Negotiate if estimations that come back vary from the original estimates

– Decide on the building supply firm with the best price and service

– Purchase builder’s risk insurance

7. Prepare the Site and Lay Foundation

Before construction can begin, the site must be prepared, and the foundation laid. This phase involves obtaining necessary permits, grading the land, and pouring the foundation.

Checklist for Site Preparation and Laying the Foundation:

– Perform necessary demolition (with required permits)

– Grade the land

– Pour foundation/basement

– Pre-treat for termites

– Pass a foundation inspection

8. Frame the Build

Once the foundation is ready, the framing process can begin. This step involves constructing the skeleton of the house, which shapes the structure and provides support for the roof, walls, and ceilings.

Checklist for Framing:

– Ensure the foundation is level and square

– Have framing materials delivered

– Frame basement, walls, and beams

– Frame subfloor, walls and partitions of each floor, beginning with the ground floor

– Hang wall sheathing

– Frame ceiling joists

– Frame rafters and trusses

– Add roof sheathing

– Pass a framing inspection

– Install doors and windows

– Measure for cabinetry

9. Build the Home’s Exterior

After the framing is complete and inspected, the exterior work can commence. This step involves installing the siding, doors, and windows, as well as completing any exterior masonry work.

Checklist for Finishing the Exterior:

– Deliver siding, trim and any windows or doors not completed in framing

– Install fireplace (if applicable)

– Install brick or stone (if applicable)

– Install doors and windows not completed in framing

– Shingle the roof

– Install gutters

Install siding

– Paint/stain exterior

10. Install Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC

Next in our new home construction checklist is the installation of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. This phase involves running pipes and wires, installing vents, setting up the heating and cooling system, and adding insulation.

Checklist for Plumbing, Electrical, Heating and Cooling:

– Install piping

– Take floorplan to a power company to confirm the size of heating and cooling system

– Install the heating and cooling system

– Consult a power company to see how much amp power you need

– Install wiring

– Only pay for services upon completion

11. Add Insulation

Insulation is a critical component of any home. It helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, reduces energy consumption, and minimizes noise.

Checklist for Insulation:

– Consult a power company to choose R-value and see how much insulation you need

– Estimate the total cost for insulation

– If using blow-in insulation, don’t block soffit vents

12. Hang Drywall and Paint

Once the insulation is installed, drywall can be hung, and the painting process can begin. This step will transform the construction site into a home, giving each room its distinct look and feel.

Checklist for Hanging Drywall:

– Hang drywall — half-inch drywall is recommended for 16-inch on-center studs

– If stippling ceilings, do so before painting

– Paint or add wallpaper

– Clean up

In the end, building a new home is a journey filled with numerous decisions and tasks. This comprehensive new home construction checklist is designed to help you navigate the process with ease and confidence. Remember, the more prepared you are, the smoother your home building process will be.

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